07 October 2007

Elvis lives... but I can't say the same for the sewing machine

I have a ridiculous amount of work to do-- papers to grade, midterm grades to post, fellowship stuff to prepare. Oh-- and then there's that whole dissertation thing.

But despite the 90 degree October weather, I've been doing nothing but playing with Halloween stuff. Remember back when I said I was going to turn Little Man into Elvis? Mission almost accomplished. This weekend I got out the old sewing machine (and old is the operative word here. The thing is at least from the early 1960s) and got busy on those little scraps of white material I had cut out a few weeks ago. It turns out that I can actually sew. Not well, mind you--Elvis probably won't have the straightest seams--but I did complete one tiny white jumpsuit, complete with sparkley red bell-bottoms and one very small cape. I'll post pictures soon, but first I have to be-dazzle the thing with some faux rhinestones.

J is still in a bit of disbelief that it's done.

The sewing machine is also done. It's really my grandma's--an old Singer that weighs about 10lbs and only sews in a straight line. It's just too temperamental for someone who doesn't know a whole lot about sewing to deal with it. Just as I was only 3 or 4 seams away from finishing, it decided it was done. I wasted over an hour just trying to get it to sew something without the thread snapping. The Singer is going back to Ohio for Christmas and staying there for good. There's no way I am going to wrestle with it while I make the baptism quilt. The material was too expensive to screw it up with the old machine.

In a few short days, I'll have the brand new computerized machine that I found on Overstock.com. I can't believe that this is making me excited, but it kind of is. I have the baptism quilt to finish by Christmas, but before then, I need to finish Elvis, make myself a costume, and turn J into a Werewolf. With 80-some stitch patterns, I should be good to go. (Watch, I'll probably only ever use the straight stitch.)

Because Halloween is only a few weeks away and we are having a real Halloween party this year, complete with all the cheesey goodness that Halloween deserves. The kids in our two respective departments are just barely old enough for me to use them as an excuse. Although, at this rate, maybe we should have a luau instead....


Candy Rant said...

I demand photos of the baby Elvis. I'm making a fried baloney and peanut butter sammwich in anticipation.

LD said...

As soon as it's finished I'll post them. :)

The Yellow Dart said...

Elvis has entered the building.

At least "Old Fat Elvis"

How are you gonna put the side burns on him??

Dont forget to TCB with some gold aviators.