30 October 2007

Hoochies Unite!

Tomorrow is Halloween. Little Man will be unveiled as Elvis, we will have our first real Halloween part, and women everywhere will put on the bare minimum amount of clothing.

I don't really get it, to be honest. Sexy is one thing. Slutty is quite another.

Apparently, if you happen to be a female, Halloween provides ample opportunity to whore it up a bit. For instance-

You can be a witch-

Apparently, the only thing that you need to be a witch is a pointy hat.

Or, if the macabre isn't for you... sail the high seas as a pirate!

The sword is really what gives the costume that certain something, don'tyou think?

And how can you not want to take a walk down a yellow brick road when you're stepping out as Dorothy? She's not from Kansas any more boys and girls...

I'm not even sure I understand this one-- and
gangster bunny. Since when do bunnies even
run liquor?

And just in case Dorothy was too tame-- why not dress up as
the kind of nun all little catholic school boys fantasize about?

Maybe I'm just jealous that this raunchy little trend wasn't around when my body might have possibly made one of those costumes work. But, really, how many people out there can make those silly costumes work? From the looks of the fairly average college girls trying them on at the local Halloween shop, not very many. You just kind of want to pull them aside and say, "Sweetie, no matter how you work it, that little bitty thing you think is a nurse outfit doesn't make you look sexy, it makes your completely normal and fairly average body look just exactly that."

But what I really want to know is when did Halloween become just a holiday for the guys? Sure, there's something exhilarating about dressing like the slut you (secretly) wish you could be. Inhibitions, be damned! But for what?

A student of mine said today that Halloween is the day girls can dress up and not be judged. Then what's the point of hoochin' it up? Don't they want to be judged? Isn't that the point?

Anyway- we'll be having a nice, tame little Halloween party. No body shots with toddlers running around. But I think it's better that way. After all, what hoochie out there is taking home both the King and the Wolfman home with them when it's all over? And I'm not even breaking out the garter belt.


Amy said...

Hee hee. I don't get it either why the grown-ass woman costumes are all sluts.

Jenn said...

I saw a few of those 'Dorothy' costumes this year, and didn't know what they were supposed to be, other than hootchies. Now I know. :)

prepossessing said...

I went to three different costume stores and every costume looked like they were made by Frederick's of Hollywood - even the ones in the plus size department!

Magpie said...

And, it's COLD at the end of October. Who the hell wants to wear next to nothing when it's cold outside?