17 October 2007

Random Bullets

I have a lot on my mind, and not the time or energy to develop any of these into a real post, so please excuse the randomness:

  • Dear plagiarizers, I am not stupid. Really. I promise. And even though there's not a thing I can do right now, I'm watching. Sincerely, Me.
  • I just got done re-reading most of my classes blogs for their mid-term evaluations. There's some really great stuff in there. As much as I'm now regretting the sheer amount I have to read, I like the opportunity to see them as complete people.
  • Did I mention that chocolate covered caramel popcorn is better than crack?
  • We just got back from a weekend in Ohio. It was so good to see everyone, and the visit (although short) was a good length. Sometimes I feel guilty for living so far away, but the truth is that I don't miss Akron at all. Sure, I'd love to be able to see my parents and grandparents more often or to have Little Man around the family more, but I like my little life out here on the prairie. I like that we don't have a lot to work our schedules around, other than our jobs. Retirement is coming soon, so hopefully Little Man will get more time with them all soon.
  • Little Man thinks he's 2. I thought we were supposed to get 2 years before the tantrums start. What do you do with a child who's having a meltdown?? He's been so good thus far that I am totally unprepared to deal with this new phase. Maybe it will pass quickly.
  • I hate people who tell me that I turned out ok after being raised in an environment where spanking was one form of discipline. Old school, ya know? I more and more realize that I can't possibly be ok when I have the urge to hit a toddler. There can't be anything productive in hitting a toddler. They don't have the ability to know right from wrong, predict consequences, or even control their own impulses yet. Hitting is totally and utterly counterproductive at this age (and really, at any I think). But the impulse I have is to smack him. And then I feel guilty about feeling like I should hit the most precious thing in my world. And then the guilt is just as exhausting as the toddler himself. I just can't win.
  • Also, he's started hitting. How's that for irony?
  • It's finally fall! Ok, it's almost 80 here, but at least the trees are starting to turn.
  • I haven't done anything on the dissertation for 2 weeks. Thanks to the hubby's last minute job application, the trip to Ohio, and my general urge to do something crafty rather than academic, I'm playing catch up.
  • Talked to Baby Bro the other night. I have no idea what's going on for Christmas this year. One minute I thought we had come up with a plan to get everyone together, the next minute it's not a good plan after all. Baby Bro's gonna have to figure this one out, because I'm off the case.
  • Did I mention that chocolate covered caramel popcorn is better than crack?

Ok- enough for now, but you gotta check out Mommy/Prof's random rants of bitterness. Priceless.


EB said...

fyi -- little man's name snuck in up there. . . if you're worried about that sort of thing

LD said...

Thanks EB- he really needs a new alias.

c... said...

ergh ... feeling guilty about #1 ... ergh...

and did you say chocolate covered caramel popcorn? is there any way that one could, um, access some chocolate covered caramel popcorn?

also, have i ever told you about the nuns i knew in quito who would smack the little kids while saying firmly "don't hit. it's bad to hit."? the irony was lost on them... that said, i think the thing to keep in mind (in order to push out that guilt) is that while you have the impulse, you are controlling it. You've made a value decision and you're sticking by it. That's admirable and demonstrates just how much you care about little man.

uuf ... back to feeling guilty about #1 ...

LD said...

c-- no reason to feel guilty. But I can definitely get you some of that popcorn to assuage that guilt...

P.S. said...

I must be a bad mom because I give my little boy a smack on the hand or butt when he's doing something he shouldn't and telling him no and pulling him away doesn't stop him. I'm not saying I beat my kid all the time or anything like but I work at a nursery with other kids my sons age and I know that you will tell a baby no about 40 times and they still won't understand not to do it, but a little "pop" on the hand for pulling dirty diapers out of the diaper pail will make him think twice about doing it again. I know I've seen it. So if a little smack on the hand or extremely padded butt is a bad thing then I'm guilty.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a kid just needs a little smack on the behind, though. Dont beat yourself up too mcuh.