16 April 2008

Mean and Stupid Comments

I've never really gotten a mean comment before. (Not that many people really read this thing.) So when I got one today, I did what any sane person would do-- I deleted it.

And then I immediately regretted deleting it, because now it's gone and no one else will ever see it. No one else can respond to its stupidity and anger.* All because, in my last post, I suggested that the pope not act quite so happy to meet one of the "worst" leaders in the world.

Apparently it's the "worst" claim that got someone's proverbial panties up in a bunch. Because he only waterboarded three people. Because there are so many worse leaders, like Ahmadinejad. Apparently, the commenter thinks I'm a kool-aid drinking idiot for believing all the hype about Bush.

But honey, I've read the Parade magazine top ten most horriblest dictators article (congrats Mugabe, you're up 4 points!) I realize that compared to say, melagomanic psychopathic dictators Bushy is a walk in the park. Duh. But that doesn't make anything this administration has done in the way of crushing human rights, well, right. Only three waterboardings is three too many.* We're supposed to be better than that.

And damn straight I'm irritated at the pope. The priest abuse scandal was unequivocally unconscionable. Period. And the Church sat on its hands and protected those who abused rather than protecting those who were abused. I am a Catholic, albeit not the best Catholic around, so I have a stake in this whole mess. Every time I don't say, "I used to be Catholic," I reaffirm my stake in this mess. The Bush administration started a war that the last pope condemned. It is for capital punishment, something that the Church supposedly condemns. The social injustice that the Church just recently condemned as a new breed of sin is what this administration feeds on. Tax cuts for the wealthiest, anyone? Can you say Katrina? All I'm asking is that the pope at least address these things. He's the friggin' pope for goodness sake! You know, God's right hand man. He doesn't need to be polite. Lord knows he's not when it comes to certain other issues.

Give me a break. If I want to say that Bush is one of the worst leaders in the world it doesn't make me a brainless lemming. I'm not just following some bleeding-heart crowd without thinking through these things myself. I don't care if killing ten kittens is worse than killing one. The one is enough for me.


*but darn it, if I wanted to have people say nasty things about my politics I'd go talk to my family, the good conservative republicans that they mostly are.


jeffersonian said...

Allowing or deleting mean-spirited and ignorant comments is a dilemma. On the one hand, free speech, blah blah. On the other hand, nasty comments can derail a conversation.

However, it is YOUR blog and your decision as to what you want the culture here to be. That said, the unpleasant reality is that by having to filter through the comments, you still sustain personal damage from reading them.

JollyRoger said...

Actually the brainless lemmings are the Chimpletons, who STILL cannot find fault with their monkey even after he's bankrupted us, gotten us stuck in a war we simply cannot win with the forces we now have, gutted the American commons, and made the dollar into Monopoly money.

My policy is to let their comments stand-and pick them apart. Most wingtards only visit me once.

LD said...

I definitely waffled over the keep it or delete it, because I don't really believe in silencing people, no matter how stupid their opinions. But I finally decided that it's my page, and I just didn't want it up.

Mad Grad Mom said...

Don't worry about it. It is, as Jeffersonian pointed out, your blog. It's one thing to engage in a conversation with someone about politics. It's another thing to come onto someone's blog and be aggressive.

And, somehow, I tend to suspect someone like that might come back.

Mad Grad Mom said...

And, yes, I agree with you that Bush is one of the wrost leaders evah (you already knew that, though). But somehow, I think he has just enough in common with the Pope ideologically speaking for the Pope to look the other way.

Amanda said...

I agree with you too and I don't understand mean comments either. If you don't like my blog - don't read it. I have no problem if you have a question or want to engage in a discussion, but if you just want to bad mouth me - take me off your blog roll PLEASE!!

Carey said...

Hi, I was surfing and found your blog. So, I hope you don't mind my comments...I have to agree that Bush is the worst "president" ever. We would have never been in this mess if Bush didn't steal the election. And it is obvious that many agree with you when you look at his approval ratings...the worst since Truman.

Now, should you have deleted the comment? Probably not. But, what is done is done...and next time you can keep it there so we can have a uncivilized arguement about why Bush should not have been allowed in office. ;)

JCK said...

I'm so sorry you had a mean comment on your blog. Nothing like politics to get people up in arms.

By the way, I LOVE your politics and thought this post was wonderful. Found you through the BlogHer links today.

Keep writing your opinion; plenty of us here to read it and enjoy it!

As far as to delete or not, that is always a hard call, but you did what felt comfortable for you.

Anonymous said...

And it should be added that Bush is a war criminal on the loose whose illegal, immoral, and all round reprehensible imperialist invasion and occupation of Iraq has led to probably over a million deaths. This is world-class mass murder and human butchery and the overwhelming majority of the world knows it.

Anonymous said...


LD said...

I know, I know. But no one talks about political type stuff, mostly because most of the fam is not dem.