10 April 2008

All By Myself....

J's plane should be taking off in about an hour. He's off to a conference in Denver with another econ friend and I'm staying back here with Little Man. Until Saturday, I'm flying solo--completely solo on this parenting thing.

He hates to fly. His hands get cold and damp, he starts fidgeting, and if the turbulence gets too bad, he grabs the tray table in front of him as though it alone will save him from what's coming. He's been doing a lot better lately, since we've been flying more, but the combination of rainstorms in the area, snow in Denver, and American Airlines causing massive problems in airports had him fairly nervous last night.

He seemed ok this morning. At least I think he did--I was only half awake when he left to go pick up Econ buddy to head to the airport.

This is really the first time he's going off without us. I'll be doing the same in about a month. I don't like it--at all. We're used to being around each other and to helping each other with Little Man. I know it's part of the job, but still. I'm hoping that one day we can swing it so that we can always go together.

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