11 April 2008


So today was the day that I was supposed to really hunker down and work. I arrived at my little basement carrel in the library promptly at 9:30, but when I arrived the door was open and the lights were on. Suddenly I realized that all the carrel doors were open. Apparently, today is the day that maintenance is installing a new sprinkler system in my particular area. It's been an ongoing project since the summer, but today was the day for my little cell. Great. Now I either have to go home and work or work here, in the reference room, where there is WiFi. You know, WiFi that allows you to check your email or update your blog while you are, ahem, taking notes on very important things.

Just Great.


Juicy White Thigh said...

I've always been impressed by folks who have the discipline to sit down at a library carrel and work. My lack of a laptop and my intolerance of hot rooms (I really have to fight the urge to strip down every time I go into the stacks!) have kept me far away from the land of carrels.

I hope you managed to find another good workspace!

Mad Grad Mom said...

Juicy, you have to fight the urge to strip no matter the temp or location.

LD, that WiFi is very important. If it weren't for that, I never not get any work done.

LD said...

My carrel isn't too hot, because it's down on the first floor. It feels like a dungeon, but at least you don't roast.