28 April 2008

Bithdays are the Best Days

The grandparents came. The grandparents came. The grandparents had fairly inappropriate conversations about, well, poo. But that's another story entirely. And these are some birthday highlights:

One of the many reasons why I love The Cake Artist's Studio. And the best part? It tastes even better than it looks.

Little Man got a lot of presents. A lot. So many that the slide I bought him wasn't even interesting enough to open. He wasn't complaining. My personal favorite, though, were the little tiny tap shoes.

We had the singing lady come over for a little entertainment. Even the easily-spooked-toddler warmed up. Who wouldn't with a parachute and a bunch of flying balls??

Sometimes there's just too much party to keep your hat on straight.


Laane said...


What a lovely photos.

jeffersonian said...

Are the ears on the elephant made out of cake? That's quite impressive.

LD said...

no- they're not made out of cake, but they almost look like they could be :)