08 February 2008

Things You Can't Blog About

I've always admired certain writers out there in the blogosphere who seem able to be completely open and candid and honest about their lives. They are smart and witty, and with their honesty, they are able to make motherhood seem less confusing and give me hope that one day I'll get it all figured out.

But to be so open, so honest is also to be dangerous and potentially hurtful. That's the problem with this medium. It's wonderful for stress relief and it's great therapy, but you can't talk about certain things that you might want to get off your chest-- to send into the great bleakness of cyberspace like a letter burnt rather than sent. Because the letters I write here are, in a sense, sent. It takes extraordinary courage, in some ways, to write about the people that you love the most, because there is always that risk that they will not see the love in what you have written and be hurt by it.

So there are things I feel that I cannot blog about, because there are things I can't say face to face still. There are things I will probably never say face to face.

That honesty, I suppose, is not for me. But still, however silent, I send good wishes and desperate hopes to the powers that be.


Mrs. Chicken said...

I am clear with my husband and family that CAC is my space to explore my feelings about motherhood and all that comes with it. It may seem like bravery, but maybe it is just stupidity. Either way, I can't help it.

And believe it or not, I have been self-censoring like mad since I moved to my new site. Just in case.

Anonymous said...

My thought is, if you can't tell the people that you love and who love you the truth and exactly how you feel, then who can you tell. They should be the people who would understand and welcome your thoughts. My dad always got mad when I would tell my sister that she was acting like an idiot, he said it was mean. I told him if I didn't tell her some one would and don't you think it would be less hurtfull coming from me rather than a perfect stranger. I think family expecially should be the people you should tell anything to.

c... said...

to me, the thing about blogging and self-censoring is the difference between talking honestly *with* people I love and talking honestly *about* people I love ... I hear you, ld ...

Amy said...

Thanks for the linky-love!

I wonder sometimes if blogging is brave or just hiding out. And I often read things on a blog and just wish I could un-read it; someone will share something I'm not comfortable knowing about them.

My husband is pretty much off-limits unless it's flattering or really funny. And I try to be respectful of my college-age daughter's privacy.

It's hard to decide what to blog and what not to, but I'm guessing we all leave a lot out!