25 February 2008

Random Bullets from Flying Solo

This last weekend, Little Man and I took a sans-papa trip back to Ohio for my Grandpa's 80th birthday. I don't have the time or energy left for a formal post right now- but here are some highlights.

  • To the wonderful, wonderful woman who saw me trying to get a suitcase, car seat, and half-awake toddler to the rental car bas, thank you thank you thank you for helping me. I have no idea who you are or where you were heading, but I wish I could thank you again for taking the time to walk with my luggage so I could carry little man. I know you were probably heading out and it was completely out of your way to walk me back into the rental car terminal, but you made such a difference.
  • Other than above problem, Little Man was the perfect traveler. He listened to everything I said, he held my hand all the way through the airport, he didn't cry on the plane or make a fuss even once. He was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.
  • I do not have what it takes to be a single mother. After barely 2 days, I was completely and utterly exhausted. Even though he was perfect.
  • People in Ohio do not know how to drive. The left lane is for passing. The right lane is for not passing. Please re-check your driving manuals and don't pass on the right.
  • There is something at J's parents house that is like a sleeping aid for little man. The kid slept until 10 both days we were there. He never sleeps until 10! I realize that it's still 9 central, but little man never even sleeps until 9. Unfortunately, he's trained me so well to be awake by 8 AM that I was up by 7 each day.
  • I'm tired. Really tired. And I have a paper to revise and submit for the conference in March and a lecture to write before 3:00 today. Blech.


jeffersonian said...

People don't know how to use the lanes most places.

While you're right about the right lane not being for passing, that also means that the left lane is not for driving 400 miles while 10 mph below the limit. I've found that the lane people drive in has less to do with their actual speed than their perception of themselves as drivers. People who like to think of themselves as fast drives, will live in the left lane no matter what. People who don't think they drive fast will tailgate in the right lane. It's madness!

LD said...

good point. although the minivan that I followed most of the way home from Chicago was especially irritating. They seemed to think that as long as they didn't pass anyone they were fine. They'd speed up, only to then go the same speed as the car in the other lane. arg.