04 February 2008

About Obama

I like Obama, I really do. I like watching him speak. I think he has some great ideas. But todays NY Times piece by Paul Krugman makes me think twice about giving him my vote.

Krugman says that with Obama there's virtually no chance of us achieving universal health care in the next administration. That, to me is a deal breaker. When I think about the problems my husband has had with health insurance, prescription coverage, and heath care costs, I know we need a universal heath care system-- socialize away, just as long as we can stop people who are treatable from suffering or dying from diseases that are absolutely treatable or curable.

There's a very strong possibility that Little Man could also have Crohn's, or some over digestive track ailment, and the idea that with the system we have today, his future would be limited by the very real need to have a job that comes with outstanding benefits. Without those benefits, prescription costs can run $400 a month, medical treatments can run $5000 an infusion, the cost of doctor's visits can be staggering, and the cost of surgeries unapproachable.

I hate to be a single-issue voter. I try not to be. But this is my issue. It's shameful that in the richest country in the world health care is not a right. And whomever I vote for tomorrow and in November has to be solid on this issue.


Charles Amico said...

He wants Healthcare for everyone too. He just doesn't want to mandate it to everyone and have penalties for those that don't. The truth is that the only way around this neither candidate supports and that is tax everyone for it and make it Universal. But neither wants to tackle at this time the Insurance Companies in the primary. Vote your spirit and you wil vote Obama.

rodney said...

Universal is not always free. Both Hillary and Obama's plans cost everyone money. Hillary's plan makes you pay through garnisments (universal) Obamas offers everyone health care and you can choose to take it or not. Dennis Kucinich actually had what you want. Universal, not for profit single payer health care. This is where the government subsidises the cost and it's free to everyone. There is really very little difference between Hillary and Barack in this respect, it just the forcing everyone to take it or not