01 September 2007

Little Arms

It's 1:45 am. I usually avoid caffeine, but today I had so much that I couldn't sleep. For the last two hours I've been working on grading papers for the big lecture I TA for.

Just a few minutes ago, Little Man woke up--or almost woke up. He must have bad dreams, or stand up without meaning to, something. Anyway, he called for me. When I went into his dark room, my eyes were too used to the glow of the computer screen to see him. But I leaned over the crib and he wrapped his soft little arms around my neck and squeezed.

What a lovely ending to a lovely birthday.


The Yellow Dart said...

Happy birthday btw.
I tried to call.

Sometimes Kota has a bad dream and we have to wake him up to get him calmed. I am glad X gave you a great end to your B-Day

LD said...

Thanks- got your message, but it was kind of late to call back.

Candy Rant said...

That has to be a great feeling, those little arms.

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm stoopid. I forgot to say so on the right day.

Hope you got some sleep since that last post.