26 September 2007

Solo Parenting

Tomorrow, we leave for DC. J was invited to attend a conference for a grant he won, and Little Man and I will be having some solo fun in the city.

I'm excited, because I love D.C.-- it's my favorite American city, by far. We spent a lot of time there back in 2001 when J was working for AmeriCorp and I was living in State College. Every other weekend or so, I'd drive the 3 hours to visit him, and we'd go out and explore. It always feels, in some strange way, like coming home when we visit. I love everything about the city--except maybe its most famous resident. I love the food, and the national mall, and the low buildings and wide avenues. It reminds me of Europe in a way. New York's towering height can be breathtaking and exhilarating, but I've always felt like D.C. was a city I'd be able to live in and feel at home.

But this weekend will really be my first effort at solo parenting, and I'm a bit terrified. J and I have always shared the Little Man duties about as equally as a couple comprised of two people--only one of which produces milk--could share them. The first summer he was on the outside, I would spend three hours each afternoon along with him, but I've never had to do a 12 hour stint without some sort of back-up.

I'm glad we're going somewhere familiar to me, but the idea of 12 hours without J's tag-team assists makes me nervous. I'm not the most patient person in the world. But I've got a whole bunch of places and activities to go--the zoo, the mall, some fun indoor playground over by the Capital. It should be fun... right?

Wish me luck. I'll post pics and stories when we get back.

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The Yellow Dart said...

Dont worry you'll have grandparents to help you.