04 April 2007

One less hole in the head

Last night, as I always do, I crept into Little Man's room to make sure he was sleeping ok before I went to bed byself. I ran my hand over his downy little head, and suddenly I realized that something was different. That space in the middle of an infants skull--the soft spot--was gone. I had just felt the last little indent of it about a week ago, but last night, try as I might, there was no little divit to be found.

This may seem like not a big deal, but for someone who watched eyelashes grow from bald eyelids in his first few months on the outside, these sort of changes are the only way I can track his otherwise mysterious and magical development. Sometime since last Thursday, his little skull miraculously finished itself. And with the disappearance of that spot, he enters a new stage.

Toddlerhood came more quickly than I ever expected.

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