29 April 2007

The Most Perfect Weekend...Part II

So I thought that last weekend was about as good as it gets-- perfect weather, a low stress visit with the families, and lots of chocolate black out cake from our favorite local bakery. Then this weekend happened....

Let me start by saying that Friday had me kind of worried. Shots for Little Man, fussy baby, and a mild panic attack from a job search information session I went to. You see, I found out that only 40% of students in my department get a tenure track job the first time out. Oh-- and that number is
elevated because of the writing studies people who apparently always get jobs. And when I heard this--maybe I had heard it before but blocked it out, who knows--I actually got a bit light headed and panicky. It just seems like it should be a higher percentage, considering how "good" this department is supposed to be. The place I did my MA had a higher percentage, and they rank lower....

Anyway, the panic attack isn't really my point. My point is that this was a perfect weekend. Because after one has a mild panic attack, everything starts looking better. Because the weather was perfect. Because we got to do silly little family things that I pictured we'd be doing when we had a baby. What they don't tell you is that you have to wait a whole year to do most of the really fun stuff.

So in the last 48 hours, Little Man went to Shrimp swim class (still terrified of the water), met all the students I'm going to have this summer, saw some horses, cats, owls, dogs and ferrets at something called Petstravaganza (he called all of them "kitty"), rode on the carousel at the mall twice, sat next to the local news anchor in church and didn't act up once in the whole hour, had a picnic, swung on his new swing (courtesy of Uncle D and the Grandads--but mostly Uncle D), and ...here's my favorite part....started really walking. Not just the step step step and then throw yourself into mama's arms walking, but walking with a purpose-- 10 steps or more at a time. He can even change direction.

And did I mention that the weather was perfect?

So it all started with a panic attack on Friday, but there's nothing like first steps to put it all into perspective.

But damn I want a job someday....

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