17 April 2007

Little Man Travels

We just returned from four days in New York--two in Poughkeepsie to see my baby brother graduate and then two in the city. People thought we were nuts for taking a baby into the city, but Little Man was perfect--even through the dinner at the fancy-shmancy steakhouse that didn't have either high chairs or a booster seat.

We visited some friends that we met here, but left the fair prairie for the city when one of them got a too-good-to-refuse job offer. As we caught up with them, and it was so good to catch up with them, I came to the realization that we are now that couple that brings every conversation back to the topic of Little Man and what it is like to live with him. Yup. We've turned into the couple that starts into a fairly lively discussion about Hilary, Obama, or Edwards and ends with stories about labor. How that happens, I have not a clue.

Luckily, our city friends seemed ok with it. Perhaps they were just being polite. Perhaps they are thinking about maybe taking the old plunge into parenthood themselves and were genuinely interested. Perhaps they were tuning us out and mentally making plans to never procreate in the future.

Who knows. What I do know is that realizing that I am part of that couple makes me feel very ambivalent. On one hand, I don't want to be that couple, but on the other, why wouldn't I want to talk about the most perfect kid in the world?

More NY stories to come...

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