06 June 2008

Random Summer Bullets

  • The surprise retirement party for my mother-in-law went off without a hitch. Food was wonderful (if your ever in NE Ohio check out Vaccaro's). All I can say is, yum. And she was, I'm pretty sure, genuinely surprised. Plus, one of the guest's husbands works as a professional event planner, so if this whole PhD thing doesn't work out, I've got a contact
  • I still don't have my syllabus done, even though classes start Monday.
  • Little Man has been sick for a few days, and when he's sick, he turns into a whiny little snuggle monkey who has to be attached to my leg or hip at all times. I know I'll miss this phase when he's older, but did I mention my syllabus isn't done yet?
  • I have a book review due Tuesday. Oh- and I'm giving a conference presentation in a week that I haven't exactly written yet.
  • I have too much to do to even think about doing anything, so if you don't hear from me in a while, don't be surprised.

1 comment:

Henny Penny said...

Good luck getting everything done. I remember the school years crush like it was last year - oh wait it was. Damn I'm glad to be done with gradual school.