23 June 2008


Or- ways I know that I am officially getting "older"*

  • The station I usually listen to on the radio has changed from the "New Rock Alternative" to "classic" alternative. And while I think someone should tell them that Duran Duran is not really alternative, it does depress me when they announce "1994" before a song and I realize that it's a song that still feels as new as yesterday. Has it really been that long. Indeed it has, Smashing Pumkins, indeed it has.
  • So I've been reading the Twilight books--totally enjoyable fluff--and looking forward to the movie coming out in December. And then I realize-- they're all just babies. There's something about the book that doesn't read like teen-angst fiction, but when you see the cast all dolled up, it looks likes one of those teeny-bopper reality soap things- One Tree OC or something.
  • I went into a store called "Forever 21"--new at our local mall--because someone had said they had some cute accessories. Suffice it to say that I am no longer 21. Not even close.
  • Old Navy is out. Express is out. Banana Republic--totally in. Thank goodness we have one now.
  • Someone thought I was already 30 the other day. Sheesh- I get to go to Vegas before that happens.

*Not a bad thing- just an observation

1 comment:

dan said...

im with you on that point about music. I listen to alternative rock as well and have noticed my radio station has been phasing out the music i like replacing it with new rock crap.

it really hit me when I was on last.fm and a kid commented about how awesome a smashing pumpkins song was because he knew it from a video game he played but had no clew who they were. that made me feel old