21 March 2008

Start Spreading the News....

I have officially worked my way through Spring "Break." I have read the books I will teach in the next 7 weeks, made up study guides and questions, graded 34 mediocre midterms, annotated at least 20 articles, and took notes on 3.

I. Am. Done.

Which is convenient, because tomorrow we three jet off to the Big Apple. And I can't wait. We're going to see dinosaurs and butterflies, exploding cars and Jewish Delis, familiar grandparents* and new babies**. We're gonna eat dim sum, and pizza, and bagels, and brunch, and bagels, and bagels, and bagels for four wonderful days. It's going to be a welcome break.

New York is always a little special for me, because it's where we went for our Honeymoon. In retrospect, that wasn't the best choice we could have made. A beach would have been much, much more relaxing. But we had been talking about taking a road trip to NYC since we first started dating. We just never got around to it until the honeymoon.

We've been back two or three times since then, and this will be Little Man's second trip to the City. The last time we were there was when he wasn't quite a year old yet. He watched the ducks in the fountain by the Boat House and went to Times Square in his PJs. I'm hoping he has even more fun this time.

These little town blues .... Are melting away ....

More when we get back...

*J's parents are going to meet us in the city.
**We'll be meeting baby "N"- the three month old of some friends of ours that escaped to Manhattan about 2 years ago.

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