04 March 2008

Random Bullets

  • I hate writing exams. Blech. Trying to find that perfect balance between questions that are too objective--and therefore too easy--and questions that are not too subjective--and therefore ungradable--while not being "tricky" is just a nightmare. Blech again.
  • I love our singing class, Little Man loves our singing class, but I'm wondering how much longer we can keep going. It's moving from being moderately across town to way-the-heck across town, and it seems like we finish later and later. It kind of puts a cramp in one of my few class-free days to work. But he loves it.
  • I am sick of weather that can't make up its mind. It was over 60 on Sunday, and today we have snow, sleet, and freezing temps. When will spring EVER get here?
  • I am ready for Spring Break right now. I know there's another week and a half to go, but in that short time I have to grade papers, give an exam, and grade an exam. And all I really want to do is get back to work on Chapter #3.
  • Little Man is addicted to the TV. Specifically, he's addicted to Aladdin. In the last week, we've watched it at least 8 times. It's a great movie, but really...we've gotta get him into something else.
  • Is it crazy that I'm already planning his birthday (it's in April)?? I like planning things, especially parties. Especially parties where we may have a 3-D Elephant Cake. Especially parties where said elephant cake is dark chocolate with hazelnut cream and fudge filling. I just can't decide whether to do Elephants or Aladdin. He sure seems to like Aladdin too...
  • I'm kind of excited to watch the results come in tonight. I was a poli-sci major for most of my undergrad career, so politics is interesting for me. And I don't remember a primary in my lifetime being this close or unsettled. I also don't remember a primary where I was torn between two candidates. It's great- no matter who the democratic nominee is, I'm happy. As for McCain..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Man, that guy is just boring to listen to. He could put the entire country in a coma.
  • Dear illiterate parents at the mall- see that little sign with the person holding out their hand about yay-high? That sign shows how tall you can be to play in the playground. Your 10 year old--the one that's almost as tall as me--is really, really much too big to be running around with 3 and 4 year olds. Really. You might have figured that out when you saw that the slide only comes up to your kid's kneecaps.
  • Dear literate parents at the mall who just ignore the sign- if your precious little preteen runs over my toddler one more time.......
  • Is it spring yet??


jeffersonian said...

Who needs Aladdin? Little Man clearly needs to move on to "Liberty's Kids" at http://www.libertyskids.com/. I think he has only got about 5 years before he's in the target age range, but what can I do?

Being a political junkie is an odd thing. At times, junkies lose sight of achieving their agenda in favor of political or constitutional oddities. Really, would you rather have your candidate win the primary or get to see a brokered convention?

LD said...

I don't think that a brokered convention is a good idea. We basically had the same thing in 200 when Bush "won" Florida and the election. If Democrats are smart, they won't push a candidate through that the majority of the PEOPLE didn't vote for.

jeffersonian said...

I agree. A brokered convention is not so great for the party or for giving a mandate to the candidate for November.

However, it's this kind of unique event in political history that just gets my adrenaline flowing. As much as I'd like to see a clean Democratic victory in November, the part of me that reads tabloid covers in the grocery line WANTS this to be messy.

Anonymous said...

The ending to this political battle is clearly murky. I say let's let Michigan and Florida re-vote and who ever has the most votes at the end of all the states primaries gets the nomination. Or a co-presidency, Obama for two years then Clinton--talk about a political oddity.