18 November 2007


Out of the blue, my FIL got us a subscription to Gourmet magazine. Every time I visited, I would sit and compulsively read theirs as I simultaneously got my Food Network fix. (ah, how I miss Mario when we're not in Akron!) So I was surprised and really really excited when one of the magazines showed up in my mailbox a week ago.

Tonight J made one of the recipes out of it-- an Asian inspired babyback rib thing. It was unbelievably good-- Serve it at a dinner party good.**

The thing that I love about this magazine is that the pictures are beautiful, the articles are just intellectual enough to make me able to convince myself that I might be doing "research", and the recipes are so darn simple.

Ok, so that was 3 things.

But the recipes are ridiculously simple. Often they call for one odd or unusual ingredient, but the overall preparations and directions are so easy. And every recipe we've tried so far has been a keeper.

They're so easy and so good, in fact, that I think I'll go make us the caramelized chocolate banana splits that I've had my eye on.

**I should have taken a picture of them, like some of those wonderful food blogs I love to read and then never make recipes from, but they were gone--totally polished off-- before I even thought of it.

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Kristen said...

Oh you will love your subscription! I am rarely disappointed in that magazine :)