05 November 2007

Early Morning Working

Daylight Savings Time is no fun at all with a toddler. Somehow, he didn't quite get the message that we were allowed to sleep for another hour. Nope-- he woke up at his usual time, right around 7:30, which translates to 6:30 AM during DST. Somewhere around 6:30 PM, J and I looked at each other and wondered when the day would ever end. The upside is that now I'm awake at 6:00 AM. I've gotten in almost 40 minutes of basic housekeeping work--sending emails to silly students and to my chair about this fellowship application I've gotta finish in the next 10 days, reading the NY Times, stuff like that.

In other news. It is apparentl National Blog Posting Month. So I'm going to start this contest where you post every day. I'm hoping that maybe by having something due every day, I'll get more of my own work done in the process.


Modern Priincess said...

I've lived that the past few years with young children. Then this year we got smart. We set our clocks back a couple hours before we went to bed. Thus, we kept the kids up an extra hour (but still putting them down the "usual" time the clocks read). We made it fun with watching a movie and maybe eating some popcorn, so they didn't have a meltdown with being so tired. Then dh and I went to bed right after laying them down at what was actually the usual time we go to bed an hour after they do, even though the clocks read an hour early.

In the end the kids woke up at their normal time, and we felt like we got enough sleep.

LD said...

What a great idea-- next year we'll be using your plan.

Gry said...

I used to love turning the clock back and hour. Having small children totally ruins it for me.. :D

Mad Grad Mom said...

Lucky you, you got 6.30. I got 4.45am!