31 July 2007

Goup's On

Everyday I sit in front of my computer and wonder why the words just won't come.

Then about 5 minutes later I switch over to looking at cheesy gossip blogs and reading other mom's blogs (which are brilliant and I love).

Then about an hour later I realize I've just wasted an hour that I could be with Little Man. An entire hour of accomplishing nothing but the small thing of turning what used to be viable, gray brain matter into a soupy mush that might just at this very moment be leaking from my ears.

(Note to self- invest in ear plugs.)

I've just done it again. An entire hour that I should have been working hard or playing with my child has been wasted. The worst part is, I know I'll do it again tomorrow...and the day after that...and the day after that.

I have this delusional idea that someday the words will just come: my thoughts will coalesce into this amazingly coherent thing that will get me a job that pays enough money to support that sweet little guy. But all I seem to have left is mushy gray goop incapable of sustaining actual lucid thought and ideas.


Jennie said...

I could have written this exact same post.

LD said...

I'm glad it's not just me :O)