01 June 2007

Now Begins the Real Work

Twelve days with my two favorite guys all to myself.

Twelve days of no dissertation, no grading, no planning, not even any reading other than restaurant reviews in the local guides.

Twelve days of absolute happiness--a toddler that travels unbelieveably well, a husband without a Crohn's flare up, no sun burns, no sickness, no stress.

Twelve days of just the three of us together.

But now it's over and the real work begins.

I think it was harder dropping off little man to daycare on Tuesday than it was that very first time last August. I like him better now. It's amazing how much he has grown and learned in the last 12 days, and for once I got to be there 24/7 to watch it. It made me realize how much I miss putzing around on the internet instead of doing the work I should be doing.

So now I'm uber-focused. The conference--my first--charged me. I gave my presentation with the daughter of the author in the room. She looked eerily like her mother; the ghost of Kay Boyle watching and judging.The last session I went to left me shaking--quite literally. Here were a whole group of tenured or tenure-track professors wishing someone would do the work that I just happen to be doing right at this moment. Maybe I'll get a job afterall.

And now I'm focused and re-energized. In the last two days I've written 16 revised pages from my first chapter. It should be done by next week. Then onto Fitzgerald.

But all the while I count the minutes until I pick up little man.

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