25 June 2007

Yet Another Reason....

Why Big Corporate University will never get a single cent of my alumni dollars:

I teach for a conditional admittance summer program through LAS. Rumors are flying (ok, not really flying--they're fairly confirmed) that said program might be on the chopping block because it displeases the football gods. And everyone knows that the Trustees and the Chancellor are most of all interested in the football gods.

Though the program has its faults and usually makes me regret accepting the job by the end of the 6 weeks, it's a program I think has merit and should be kept around. It's a program that allows students who might not have had the opportunity otherwise to get into the University and it's a program that boasts a graduation rate that equals that of the normal population.
Apparently, this summer the football gods got their proverbial panties in a bunch about something and issues a list of demands about changes to be made.

One of the biggest changes is that students of the program will now be allowed to bring cell phones.
Really? Are the trustees and chancellor really that ri-god-damn-diculously stupid? They must have sat around and tried really hard to think of the least pedagogically effective change that they could make to the program.

I can just imagine...

Football Gods: We must be in charge of big corporate university...After all, we may possibly win more than we loose this season.
Trustees: You're right! But I'm not sure how we can undermine the feeble power of LAS any
more than it is already undermined.

Football Gods: Think Damn It!! No one shall make rules about what our amazingly moderately talented players may and may not do. Certainly not those silly educators over in the
academic buildings!

Trustee : I have it! Let's allow them to bring their cell phones this summer. How dare these silly
educators say that cell phones are not conducive to an academic environment. After
all, texting is the new typing!!

Football Gods: And so it shall be done...

Or something like that....
Of all the stupid moves. Nothing like letting the worst football team in the Big Ten determine how academic programs should be run. Maybe they should fix their own side of campus before they come marching over to mine.


Mad Grad Mom said...

Must be divine retribution for that mascot mishap.

Julie said...

Oh how I effing despise those football morons.

Anonymous said...

is that guy in the picture dad it kind of looks like him. i never knew he was into demonstrations

Anonymous said...
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