12 May 2008

Random Thoughts

  • One more day and I'll be on a beach. A beautiful, warm, sunny beach far far far away from any work at all. An entire week off with no books, no email, no papers to grade. No dissertation. It's all staying home. But until then...
  • When did grades turn into something negotiable? I would have never thought to ask a professor to give me a higher grade just because I didn't want the one I earned. How do you even respond to those requests? They're absurd. And somewhat insulting.
  • Little Man is totally psyched about the beach. He tells everyone he's going. And that he's going to find seashells and dolphees. And apparently there will also be baskeeball on the beach. (He may be disappointed with that last one.)
  • I went to a job market meeting today. It's official. I'm searching this year. But the whole big mumbo jumbo secret stuff that they wouldn't let anyone come to until they were ready to search?? Beats me. I didn't learn anything I haven't already known or read in the handy dandy book that my Mountain U friends recommended. So much for mystery.
  • I have no summer clothes. Literally. Ok, almost literally. I do have one tank top. And one pare of capris with a big black stain on the leg. I think I must have purged my closet last fall of all the worn out semi- post pregnancy stuff. But I don't really remember. Next time I need to write myself a note: "Dear L- You threw out all your clothes. Yeah, really. I don't know why you would do such a thing. Well you're the one that did it. I can't help it that you're going to the beach in two days. Best wishes, you.
  • Right now I only have 10 students in my summer class. yipppppeeeeee. Let's hope it stays that way.
  • Did I mention I'll be on a beach in a couple of days? So no more posts from your truly for a while- But check out my review of Rockabye next week on GNMParents.

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Candy Rant said...

Love that note you wrote to yourself.