26 May 2008

Random Bullets

  • Every single BP in our small prairie town is now a Marathon. This would not be a problem if we hadn't just received a fairly large sum of BP gift cards from our credit card that we now have nowhere to use.
  • We're thinking about becoming a one-car family. We rarely use J's car and with gas prices being over $4 (apparently our state ranks only behind Alaska and NY in gas prices, go figure) and the town's bus system being super convenient, it just doesn't make sense to have two cars. If we sell his, we can pay off mine--that's two less payments a month (car and insurance.) And we were going to sell it next year when we move anyway. But the idea of being a one-car family seems odd to me. I've had my own car since I was 19. It makes a lot of sense financially, though.
  • We got to see the new Indiana Jones last night (thanks super-in-laws!) It's the first one I've ever seen in a theater. Even though it has kind of a strange premise, it's pretty good. Although there are a couple action scenes that are just ridiculous--surviving a bigger-than-Niagra waterfall with no one injured....right.
  • I've gotta start writing.
  • Something other than blogs.

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cube said...

Ive gotta start writing something other than blogs too. Something that pays would be good ;-)