16 January 2008

Yet Another Reason....

why the big, bloated state university which I attend will never see a penny of my alumni dollars.

So we got paid today. Usually this is a good thing-- a very good thing. But when we looked at the amounts, they didn't seem right. Then, when I emailed our lovely departmental secretaries about it, I got the explanation. Turns out that getting a fellowship means getting a pay cut of about $200 per month.


So much for the fellowship's supposed goal to ease my stress and workload by giving me a release from teaching one class. Now, I'm making about $800 less this semester, so I have brand new things to stress about.

Some "award."

I know I should have read the fine print, should have tallied up the amounts before I accepted the award, and all, but I thought that a 33% appointment was a 33% appointment. That one would equal the other. They really should be more explicit about these things. Because when you live on a tight budget, with a child, and a mortgage, and bills, and car repairs... $800 is a whole lot of something.



Juicy White Thigh said...

Yeah, this coming month is going to be pretty stinky. Since fellowship payments won't kick in until February, we fellowship peeps have to live on half a paycheck (or less!) for the next month. :(

LD said...

Tell me about it. It just seems like they should have been a little more explicit in warning us. I know they said that the fellowship didn't start until the 16th, but I wasn't understanding that it meant that I wouldn't get paid.

EB said...

Also. . . in case you didn't see the other fine print. . . that fellowship money doesn't get taxed, so when tax time comes around, you're probably going to owe some for that fellowship.