30 August 2007

Researcher Discovers that Computers Eat Time

For the last few weeks--since we got back from Memphis in early August--I've been working like I haven't worked in a long, long time. So far, I've pumped out close to 40 pages of a draft of my Fitzgerald Chapter and right now I'm on the home stretch of finishing up this article, which is a revision of my May conference presentation and my first chapter.

All summer I wanted to be able to work like this. I tried to set a routine. I tried to accomplish something every day. I even tried getting up at 6AM to get work done before my 8:00 class. But all summer, it seems like all I did was sit, trying to figure out what to do with myself until we picked up Little Man at 3:30 every day. The clock would stand still and I would fight the urge to give up and just go get him 3 hours early.

Now, however, I've discovered that computers actually eat time.

I sit down to work at my trusty desktop at around 9:30 every morning and suddenly I realize that my eyes no longer focus, my stomach is growling, and it's noon. After lunch, the same thing happens. Just as I am getting started, I realize it's either time to go teach or time to pick up the munchkin. After he's in bed around 8:00, I sit down once again, only to discover the clock is suddenly far past 10:30 and I've missed Oprah once again.

I'm accomplishing a lot, but there's never enough time to finish what I start. But the good news is that I feel like I'm finally getting into the professional mode I've been attempting to approximate for the last few years. I hope I can keep it up.


Mad Grad Mom said...

Yea, LD! Good for you!

Now, send some of that mojo my way.

The Yellow Dart said...

Thats ok because Oprah is the Devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LD said...

MGM- I think it's all about panicking
YD- no- she's not the devil. She's Hi-larious

Candy Rant said...

I'm jealous that you're getting so much done! I've been at this computer so long I've inserted a catheter.

The Yellow Dart said...

The devil can be so trixie sometimes.