21 October 2009

I'm Back

It has been months and months since I've felt like writing. They've been hard months of pregnancy and uncertainty and exhaustion.

Lately, though, I've been itching to write something. So just to catch you all up (is anyone even there anymore?):

  • Little Dude (H) was born on Sept. 13. He was not inclined to come out on his own, so we forced him along.
  • H is wonderful. He is the sweetest little thing I could have ever imagined. He rarely cries; he sleeps fairly well; he smiles and laughs all the time. I'm in love, again.
  • I have no job prospects, and I'm surprisingly ok with that. I defended my dissertation in August, and while it's sad that no one, besides my committee, will ever read the thing (There will be no Book without a Job), I'm happy to be done with it. I'll deposit it sometime in Jan., and call it a day.
  • J has been having some health problems with his Crohns. He'll have surgery for it next week.
  • We're waiting (hopefully) to see where J gets a job. He better get a job. If not, we're kind of screwed.
  • If he doesn't get a job, we'll move somewhere fun. Ohio is not fun.
  • Did I mention that I'm in love with little H?


SteveB said...

I'm still here, LD! Actually, you're still on my Google Reader, so really, the mountain comes to Mohammed. Except I'm Catholic, so I'm not really Mohammed. But you understand.

Move to Vermont! There's no jobs here either, but I promise you'll love life more because Vermont's just like that. Unless you hate cold weather. Still, I daresay we usually have less snow than Mountain U did...

AcadeMama said...

YAY for Little Dude's arrival! I've been waiting to hear of this and to hear/see some writing from you! Congratulations on a healthy bebe :)

As for the job prospects, Qatar isn't so much fun, but the money makes it worthwhile. English jobs are a dime a dozen and the pay is obscene (around $78k/yr, tax-free, not including all the benefits). A short contract to ride out the market?? Sound interesting?? You could come be my expat, academic BFF :)

Huzzah for the defense and the diss! Good things will come of it, sooner or later.

Amy said...

Hi there! Congrats on the new baby!! Nashville is not doing any worse than anywhere else, and it's awful nice here. Just sayin'

Karuska said...

Yay for you being back on the interwebs here! I hope the whole family is doing well :)

LD said...

Acadamama- I don't think I could handle Qatar. Besides I'm expecting J to come through with a job... Amy- I did enjoy my trip to Nashville when I was there in '08. Too bad no one's hiring :)