04 March 2009

Decorating for the New Addition

It's happened much faster than I expected--my clothes officially do not fit.

At first, I was kind of excited. Since I was pregnant with X, we've gotten a Motherhood store in the mall. Last time, I had to take a trip to the closest major city to do maternity shopping, because we had zip here in the middle of the corn fields. But for some reason, the designers have decided that maternity clothes needed a little something.

Like ruffles:I think the little flower detail really adds something, don't you?

Or- if ruffles aren't enough for you, you can also have a bow:
Because nothing says you're pregnant like wearing a shirt that looks like your kid's birthday present.

And the thing that's really irritating me about maternity clothes is that almost all of the pants have this ridiculous belly thing going on. Pea in the Pod and Mimi and Motherhood--the major maternity brands online all have something called the secret fit belly. It's basically like a big ole' piece of Lycra that comes up over your stomach. I can understand that some people might find this a good thing. I am not one of those people.

I'm going to be really big in the summer. The hot, sweaty, icky summer. So imagine my delight at learning that shorts mostly come looking like this:
Because a pregnant woman really needs that extra layer of polyester over her stomach when the temperature's hitting 90.

All in all, I'm wondering what these designers are possibly thinking. I don't want to look like I'm getting ready to go to the club or walk down the runway when I'm pregnant. I just want nice, simple clothes that don't accentuate the fact that I'm expanding by the minute.


Karo said...

I've seen those pants before and was confused. I guess they do "fit" supernicely if you want the "Demi Moore on Vanity Fair except with fabric instead of paint" look. I guess the options are: sausage-casing body stocking or giant rufflefest cover-up! =) Are there better choices online, or is this indicative of a larger trend?

AcadeMama said...

Yes, yes, yes! The Secret Belly Fit panel is EVIIIIL! I hate it! I explicitly tell the clerk at any maternity store (if I'm looking for something specific), not to show me anything unless it's underbelly or demi-panel.

I've been super happy with the GAP and Old Navy denim collections (jeans & capris), which seem to not have such excess material around the hips, thighs, and legs. You can only get their stuff online, but the return/exchange process was really easy the one time I had to use it.

AcadeMama said...

P.S. Don't why I didn't mention it earlier...I'll be done with my maternity stuff by this summer. You're welcome to it! We have no need to take it with us on the move, and I seriously have some of the most comfortably maternity shorts ever known to woman. No idea what size you are, but I wear a Large in maternity clothes (sometimes an XL, depending on the fit), but I'm happy to ship them to you if you think you'd use them.

LD said...

Academama- wow-- free maternity stuff? I should be wearing a L soon here. I'd be happy to pay the shipping if you don't want your stuff :)
and um... these ARE the choices online. The two shirt pictures are from the higher end maternity stores-- not even the run of the mill ones with cheap fabric

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh honey. I hear you. I had Shaggy on Aug. 6 last year. Uuuuugh.

My advice? Tanks and skirts, skirts and tanks. Old Navy sells a jersey fold-over skirt in black - cheap, easily washed and goes with ... lots of tank tops.