03 October 2008

Random Bullets

It's been a while, but I honestly just don't feel much like writing anything of real substance. So here are some random updates:

  • We spend most of the last week and a half back in OH for J's grandpa's funeral. It was a lovely service, but there seemed to be so little emotion. Just very, very odd for me.
  • Applications are going out daily now. I know I've proof-read them multiple times and gone over them even more just for content, but there's still that little voice in the back of my head wondering if I missed a typo that will make me look like a complete moron.
  • There still aren't very many jobs-- less than 30 right now, including post-docs or fellowships, but some of them are in decent places. I guess.
  • Little man is getting spots. Not bad spots, tiny little freckles here and there. He has 3 right now. I'm not sure when they popped out, but there they were one day. Strange to watch him change and to realize that he's not a baby anymore.
  • The "Steve Songs" on PBS is just kind of creepy.

1 comment:

Juicy White Thigh said...

Yowza! Your recommendation letter-writers must really be on top of things! I kinda doubt my dossier is complete yet--which is why I'm waiting for the dossier deadline to start mailing stuff out.

But I'm with you on the paltry number of jobs thing. I keep waiting for my dream job to materialize, but the number of postings *barely* changes from week to week, it seems.