19 September 2008

Job Market Blues

I bought a big old box of envelopes. I figured it would be more economically frugal, since it cost just over twice what two small packets cost.

I bought the big box because I had expected to wake up on the morning of the 12th and sign into the magic database and see before my eyes a long list of places that I might someday work. I expected to need to send out 40, 50, 80 applications if necessary.

But on that morning, I was greeted with only about 15 places to apply for next year. Two of those are far out my league, and 3 or 4 of them having teaching loads that look downright dreadful. That leaves, so far, maybe 10 places where I have a shot.

It was disappointing, to say the least.

Every week the list is updated. Every week there might be more jobs.

Guess how many there were today?

2-- and those are both a stretch.

This could be a very, very bad thing indeed. I'm out of funding this year. I graduate this coming spring. And I really, really don't want to be an adjunct somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I know this isn't all what you want to hear but:

a--there will be at least a few more jobs
b--perfect fit jobs are rare; most jobs will be stretches (job announcements are not that well-written, which is sad considering the field we're in)
c--you can always be a student next year, too, and do so easily, although it seems like you don't want to do that
d--you'd be a great fit for a fabulous post-doc, after which you could land a better job and be closer to publishing (i.e. have an easier time w/ the tenure clock)

Wishing you all the best. You deserve a great job, and you might need to have degree-in-hand to get the attention and consideration you deserve.

AcadeMama said...

I feel you on this...My expectations were, forgive me for saying this, a bit more realistic in terms of how many jobs in my field migth be open. I know that a "good year" for a certain field usually means 35-40 t-t jobs.

So far, my list is at 16 jobs, for positions at schools where I'd be reasonably competitive as a candidate. I'm checking with my advisor before applying to some, and it turned out to be a good thing, as she had the "back story" on one place, where they're looking to make a senior hire, though the ad says "Open Rank."

It's still really, really early, so don't get too upset....And there's also a spring load of job ads from smaller schools that were waiting for budget approval, etc. As my other job-market friends and I keep saying to each other: "You're not allowed to be worried or sad until the end of October."

Hang in there friend!

Anonymous said...

Next week, another modernist job in a Southern state university. You didn't hear it from me!