26 August 2008

Please, Please Tell Me This is Just a Phase

If only babies came with manuals and toddlers came with warranties.

That terrible whining noise that my two-year-old is making should definitely be enough to send him back to the manufacturer, if one existed. I take comfort in knowing that this is just a phase. That’s what people keep telling me, at least.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh good lord, the poo went through a HORRID phase when she was 2. Horrid. whiny and yelling and hitting.

We cracked down hard and were sticklers about the naughty chair for every infraction. It worked.

I feel your pain.

AcadeMama said...

Eliza is currently doing this whining thing that, I swear, sounds just like the bellowing of a cow trying to give birth. It is mind-bogglingly annoying!! As soon as I hear it - if there's no apparent problem or need on her behalf - she goes straight to timeout. Sometimes this works...sometimes not. Thank goodness things like these are simply phases.